Are the Climate Emergency and the Democracy Meltdown that are happening all around us a wake-up call to go deeper into what it means to be human and to rediscover the sense of the Sacred?   If so, then we need to deepen our awareness of self and the Sacred and this is the purpose of the CSLP program.

There is no greater crisis on the planet today than climate change. But the crisis of climate change is about more than information or technology; it is a spiritual crisis, a crisis of what it means to be human and our place in the cosmos and “all our relations,” relations with one another and with ourselves as well as with other species whether forests and rainforests, oceans and rivers, fishes and whales, elephants, polar bears, dogs and cats, soil and air, and much more. 

Creation Spirituality addresses these and other relationships and provides practices and a lineage of courageous and dynamic individuals who call us to be the mystics and prophets and warriors for change that they were in their own time.  We will draw on their wisdom and truth-seeking.

In this certificate program on Leadership and the Creation Spirituality tradition, we will draw from the principles of CS to deepen our understanding of our place in the cosmos and in our cultures; to explore who we are in our depths; to discover and learn from the deepest wisdom teachers of our culture; to learn the new creation story from science and how to apply the principles of CS to diverse challenges facing us as a species including Education and Reinventing of work and Reinventing our citizenship in the world.  We will explore How to bring spiritual values to our work in the world and our work with people of other spiritual traditions than our own and who also honor creation as sacred and as a source of revelation that it so often is.

Our goal is to render participants to become deeper and more grounded mystics—that is, lovers of creation—and prophets—that is, courageous warriors ready to defend creation. 

In short, our goal is how we might bring forth a more just and ecologically sound and sustainable civilization.

Our program consists of five on line seminars that will ground the student in a basic understanding of the CS lineage and how it prepares us for the challenges that lie ahead for our species and for the planet.  The seminars include the following:


  1. 1.    Original Blessing, Cosmic Christ and other Foundational Teachings of Creation Spirituality
  2. 2.    Ecology and the New Cosmology 
  3. 3.    What the Mystics Teach us about Courage, Love and Responsibility
  4. Reinventing Culture and Work 
  5. Deep Ecumenism or Interfaith 
  6. 6.    Art as Meditation

Descriptions follow below.

In addition, students will undergo at least two art as meditation practices.  At least one will be through GMU on line; the second through GMU in an annual gathering or by taking a class in one’s home town.

Classes will be two hours in length with a minimum of 30 minutes in small discussion groups.  Books and articles will be recommended and a few will be required reading.  Matthew Fox will “drop in” on most of the classes at least once per class.  He will also teach the Mystics class alone or with others (Mirabai Star and he will co-teach a class on “Meister Eckhart and Julian of Norwich” in summer of 2020).