This course explores diverse approaches of contemporary discourse on ecology, theology and feminism leading students to formulate their own view on ecological ethics adn theologize them in accordance with their own context/ministry
Explore the ethical dimensions of the way professional requirements may enhance or conflict with personal needs.
This course will explore and expand the roots of many LGBTIQ theologies in feminist theoretical and practical work with a primary focus on the Christian tradition.

This course will introduce students to the wisdom tradition known as Catholic Social Teaching by providing an overview of its modern and postmodern expressions in their interwoven historical, philosophical, and theological dimensions.

Basic principles for Christian living through the meaning and history of moral theology, the moral person, moral law in Scripture, natural law, traditional moral maxims and the theology of human law.
Designed for graduate-level students of religion and divinity studies, this Internet course presents a basic overview of ethics and moral theology as developed in Feminist scholarly contexts.

Women directed theological projects around the world will be surveyed in light of their similarities and differences. Issues including language and imagery about the divine, ethical priorities, models of ministry and religious community and inter-religious implications will be explored.