These courses are under development and being used by students in Kenya and Nigeria.

This course explores African traditional religion, African views of God, Spirits Cosmology, the nature and varieties of indigenous African religions including the relationships among art and religion, politics and religious institutions.

The course shall explore the meanings that Indigenous people give to knowledge (education for a living) and wisdom (education for life) Thecourse will study several cultural vessels seen by these people as transmitters of knowledge and wisdom such as story-telling, proverbs, riddles, music, dance, rituals, role playing and art.

This course intends to explore the term African spirituality, based on empirical research and personal involvement with issues of religion, healing, and knowledge in a variety of African contests.

The spiritual world, or the world of spirits, is central in almost all African religions. This course will seek to explore various spirits in African world such as good spirits, human spirits, ancestral spirits: the recent dead ancestors, the spirits of the long dead, nature spirits and bad spirits.