These courses prepare ministers to better serve through education and practice of Sacred Music

This course is designed to help students develop a philosophy of music education, concepts of program development, and current approaches to music teaching.
Students will examine the mystery of music and its profound Impact and importance on the human race. They will also study the significance of listening, musicianship, multiculturalism, creativity, curriculum, and development.

Students will examine and integrate sacred music into the

Liturgical celebration surch as the Eucharist, the Mass, special Days of obligation, and other important celebrations the church


This course is an introduction to the basic materials and concepts of music theory. It will focus on commonalities of selected historic and geographic literatures through the study of fundamentals, melodic and harmonic writing, terms and symbols.

Students will study the historical aspects of Gregorian chant including the traditional Roman liturgy, calendar, divine office, Mass.
A survey of the history of Sacred Music

Students will review the History of Renaissance Music and learn about the different composers, instruments, styles of music, and characteristics.

Psychology of Music is an introductory course to the theory

And research of how people learn musical knowledge and

How these manifest themselves in musical behavior.

This course will help the student integrate theoretical and analytical concepts with our experiences as musicians, while

Helping them to build familiarity with repertoire and musical issues of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.